Doctoral Studies

The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences conducts full time doctoral studies in the field of literary scholarship. Our Institute is one of the most pioneering research institutes representing the humanities, going far beyond the strict field of literary study. Every year our scholars, including our Ph.D. students, receive prestigious grants, awards, and scholarships. After the first comprehensive evaluation in 2013, our Institute was given the highest classification A+ and thus has found itself among the thirty seven best Polish research institutions of the 963 evaluated. The Institute stands out by conducting advanced research in the following areas: old Polish literature studies, modern editing and publishing, literary geography, popularization of nineteenth-century culture, the study of the Holocaust, communism studies, gender studies, digital humanities, and animal studies. The Institute also operates a publishing house and prepares and issues high-ranking academic journals. We invite you to become familiar with the Institute’s research by visiting the web pages of the departments, teams, and projects.

Doctoral studies at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences have a unique character and are addressed to students who wish to devote themselves to scholarly work in a modern research institute. In return, the Institute offers Ph.D. students an individual course work with an academic advisor, an opportunity to develop their scholarly interests through participation in the Institute’s work, and a possibility to participate in research projects or implement their own research ideas. Each Ph.D. student participates in a doctoral seminar and in ongoing work of the Institute, as well as takes full advantage of the individual consultation with his advisor and the Institute’s other researchers, who may be appointed as his auxilliary advisors.
Our doctoral studies are free of charge.

Professor Jacek Wóycicki, Director
Marlena Sęczek, Secretary

Phone: 605-319-730

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